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The freight market is characterized by low liquidity. Even in the financial market, the best bids and offers are often only available from brokers on the phone. For an organization with multiple traders it is important to be able to share such market info efficiently. Matrics makes it easy to share live prices between a team of traders and the rest of the organization. Prices can also be imported automatically from many sources in the freight marked, including Baltic, Imarex, and NOS.

Configure Your Setup Easily

Matrics can keep track of bid/offer prices for any number of indices (e.g. P1A, PM4TC), periods (e.g. Q1-10, Cal-10) and price sources (e.g. NOS, Clarksons). New indices, sources, etc. are easily added by users. Various displays are available, including best bid/offer, price dept, and all prices from a given source. All views are quickly filtered to show only the prices of interest for the individual user.

Work Efficiently with Spreads

Matrics can automatically display many types of spread prices, for example calendar spreads such as Cal-10/Cal-11 or index spreads such as CS4TC/PM4TC. The spread calculator also works in the opposite direction: If a spread rate and one of the outright legs are entered, Matrics will automatically display the implicit price of the other outright leg. In fact, Matrics will calculate implicit prices to any desired depth. For example, entering the Cal-11 price, and the spreads Cal-12/Cal-11 and Cal-13/Cal-12 will automatically produce implicit prices for Cal-12 and Cal-13. Note that Matrics will always use the correct bid/offer sides in the calculations, normally leading to wider bid/offer spreads for the implicit prices than for their defining outrights.

Example: Price Views
Screenshot of price views
Example: Spread Display
Screenshot illustrating display of spread prices