Matrics - Organize Your Contracts
Model Your Plain and Complex Contracts

Matrics handles most common financial and physical contract types traded in the freight market: FFAs (forwards and futures), FFA options (Asian and European), Fuel swaps, Fuel options, Time Charters (TC), Contract of Affreightments (CoA), spot voyages (freight basis or single trip TC), etc.

Complex structured contracts can be built by combining one or more of the basic types, such as a spread consisting of a short and a long FFA or a TC with several periods, additional cash payments, etc. All items of such structured contracts are organized under the same contract header and share the same contract number, thus maintaining a well organized portfolio data base.

Organize the Portfolio Structure to Match Your Organization

All contracts are organized into a hierarchical portfolio structure. The portfolio tree is similar to the windows folder structure and is easily tailored to the customer’s organization. Reporting of profit/loss, positions, risk etc. are available for any level in the portfolio structure, from single portfolio to enterprise-wide totals.

View the Big Picture or Check the Details

To make you maximally efficient, Matrics provides a number of different views into your portfolio. You can choose to work with a list displaying all contracts, or you can use lists that are tailored for specific contract types. Assume, for example, that you have a portfolio consisting of a set of CoAs and corresponding FFA hedges. Sometimes you may want to get an overview of all the contracts in the portfolio and sometimes you may want to focus on the CoAs alone. In the latter case you can take advantage of a list view that is tailored for CoAs and provides additional physical information, such as voyages etc.

In all list oriented views you have direct access to a linked detail view which displays all properties for the corresponding object.

Tailor Your Views According to Your Preferences

All views in Matrics are easily customized. You can add/remove columns, change sorting or grouping, filter the view to show only the objects of interest to you, etc. Matrics will automatically remember all your customizations between sessions. You can also save customized views in the data base to make them available to the rest of the organization.

Example: Portfolio Contracts View
Screenshot of Portfolio Contracts view
Example: Vessel Engagements View
Screenshot of Vessel Engagements view